130 PSI Cat's Eye 2 Pack, 14" Stainless Hose

2 Pack Fits Both Sides of 1 Axle Axle


Pack Includes:

(2) 130 PSI Cat's Eye Units

(2 ) Hub Brackets Brackets

(2) Lug Nut Brackets

(1) Cat's Eye Decal


Free With Every 2 Pack Purchase

(2) 130 PSI Tire Pressure Decals

(1) Lug Nut Torque Decal

(8) Cat's Eye Hose End Replacement Seals


Product will be removed from original packaging

Shipped USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box

Cat's Eye 2 Pack 130 PSI, Stainless Hose

SKU: 6130-AG00
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