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Cat's Eye
Dual Tire Pressure Maintenance & Equalization System

  • Allows air transfer between dual tires, maintaining equal pressure

  • Dual tires carry the load more evenly, and run cooler

  • Internal check valve prevents both tires from going flat if one has a leak, or a hose is broken

  • One fill port airs both duals, no more looking for the inner dual valve stem​

Battery Mat
Traps and neutralizes battery acid on contact


  • A cost effective way to neutralize battery acid and stop corrosion and rust before it begins

  • Easy to install, place in the battery tray under your existing battery

  • Automotive, Trucking, Boat, RV, Forklift, Motorcycle, Generator

  • Available in 12" x 8" x 1/8" Sheets

Air Seat Blow Gun.jpg
Truck Cab Air Seat Blow-Gun Kit
Keep Truck Cab Clean & Free of Dirt & Debris


  • Easy to install and operate

  • Connects to existing seat air supply

  • Helps keep truck cab clean & neat

  • 12" Nylon Rekoil Hose

Tire Pressure Sticker / Decal
Clear or White Vinyl 5 - 130 PSI


  • High Quality Clear or White Vinyl

  • Permanent Adhesive

  • 2" L x 1 1/2" T

  • 5 psi - 130 psi

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