Cat's Eye Dual Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Maintains equal pressure in the dual tires to help

  • Improve fuel mileage

  • Tires run cooler

  • Better wear

  • Longer tire tread life

Order Guide
New Cats Eye Picture.png
With just a glance, the Cat Eye Tire Pressure Monitoring System makes it easy to see if your dual tires are under-inflated.
  • Insures tire pressure is equalized between the dual tires, reducing drag and the chance for a blow-out.
  • Allows drivers and fleet maintenance personnel to easily see if there is a potential safety hazard from under-inflated tires.
  • A single airing point fills both tires at once and allows air transfer from one tire to the other, equalizing the pressure in both tires.
  • Internal check valve prevents both tires from going flat in the event of a leak, a blow-out or when one of the hoses is cut or broken.