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Aluminum Loading Ramps

Swivel Ramp Positions Use Tjis One 3.jpeg

LRS90 Swivel Ramp

Unmatched Flexability For Loading And Unloading Cargo. The LRS90 Swivel Design Enables The Ramp To Swing Like A Door, Up To 180 Degrees

Cargo-Link-001_191212_214216-resize (1).jpg

LB10 Side Step Mounted Ramp

LB10 Series Ramp Mounts In Vans With A Sidestep And Easily Stores In The Dead Space Above The Step.

LB20_Ramp_2021-02-01-120924-resize (1).jpg

LB20 Bifold Mounted Ramps

The LB20 Series Is A Surface Mount Ramp That Installs Easily In To Any Vehicle With A Flat Surface. Standard Or Sping Assist.


LT30 Trifold Ramps

The LT30 TriFold Design Allows It To Easily Be Stored Vertically Inside The Vehicle. The Adjustable Leg Gives The Option For Shallow Load Angles. If Needed, The Ramp Can Be Removed In Less Than A Minute. 

Link Portable Aluminum Ram.jpg

Portable Ramps

Lightweight - 29 To 67 Pounds, Weight Capacity Of 350 And 500 Pounds.

Heavy Duty - 49 To 96 Pounds, Weght Capacity  Of 750 And 1,000 Pounds.

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