Auxiliary Lift Axle - Self Steer
  • 8, 10, 13.5 and 20K Capacities
  • Swift Mount Technology
  • Patented interchangeable ride height brackets
  • Integrated Air Kits
  • Reduced installation time
  • Time 5 Day Lead Time
  • Equipped with new rugged cast arms
  • Link-KOAT migratory self-healing metal treatment
  • Helps povide corrosion resistance and rust protection
Link Self Steer Axle.png
Swift Mount Technology.png
Swift Alignment Technology.png
Bulkhead Air Kit Fittings.png
Compact Mounting Envelope.png
Rugged Cast Lift Arms.png
Disc or Drum Brake Options.png
Non Steer Auxiliary Suspensions
  • 13, 17 and 20K Capacities
  • Swift Mount Technology
  • 11" - 15" of Ride Height and 15" of Travel
  • Outstanding for Tag Position
  • Patented Interchangeable Ride Height Brackets
  • Integrated Air Kits
  • Reduced Installation Time
Link Non Steer Auxiliary Axle
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