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We sell products that assist fleet service personnel in the maintenance and up-keep of their over the road equipment
along with products to the after-market that help with drivability, maintenance and and comfort.
Cat Eye
SFA Companies - HeinWerner, BVA Hydraulics, 
Auxiliary Lift Suspensions - Self & Non Steer
Cabmate - Cab Air Suspension Systems
UltraRide - Replacement Parts
Tire Pressure Decals, Lug Nut Torque Decals
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Cat's Eye - Dual Tire Pressure Maintenance & Equalization System
  • With just a glance, see if your dual tires are under-inflated
  • Air pressure is equalized between dual tires, reducing drag & the chance of blow-outs
  • Fleet maintenance personnel can quickly see if there is a potential safety hazard from under-inflated tires
  • The single airing point of the Cat's Eye Unit fills both tires at once, allowing air transfer from one tire to the other
  • An internal check valve provides added safety by preventing both tires from going flat in the event of a leak, a blow-out or when one of the pressure hoses is cut or broken
Tire Pressure Decals
  • Clear and White Vinyl Decals are available with Black Letters/Numbers
  • 2" long x 1 1/2" tall
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Water Proof
  • UV Protective top laminate
  • Made in the USA
  • Clear Vinyl Decals let the equipment paint show thru, helping decal blend in
  • White Vinyl Decal stands out and pops against a darker back ground
Link Manufacturing Auxiliary Lift Suspension - Self Steer
  • Link's family of auxiliary suspensions provide distinct advantages of convenience and performance.
  • Self Steer Available in 8K / 10K / 13.5K / 20K.
  • Swift Mount Technology.
  • Interchangeable Ride Height Bracket.
  • Integrated Air Kits.
  • 8K / 10K / 13.5K Disc Brake Option Available.
Link Non Steer Auxiliary Axle
Link Manufacturing Auxiliary Lift Suspension - Non Steer
  • Non Steer 13.2K unique design 5500 Model allows 11" to 15" of ride height and 15" of travel for uneven terrain.
  • Direct Arm to Axle connection increase stability and reduced maintenance.
  • Model 5500 available with 15" or 20" wheels for maximum lift and clearance.
  • Non Steer 20K has proven it's reliability for both on and off-highway applications.
  • Interchangeable Ride Height Brackets.
  • For use in Tag or Pusher positions.
  • Integrated Air Kit compact mounting envelope.
Link Manufacturing Cabmate - Cab Air Suspension
  • Heavy-Duty Class 7 & 8 truck cab air suspensions.
  • Patented design reduces road shock and backslap, vibrations and back stress.
  • Air Ride produces a quieter smoother ride
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Link Non Steer Auxiliary Axle